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  Let me introduce myself:
My name is Rev Alison Caiola and I am a second-generation
Ordained Interfaith Minister who custom creates and joyously officiates wedding ceremonies on
Long Island, New York City, all boroughs and  Westchester County.

First, let me just say congratulations to you.  Marriage is a joyful transformation, a journey that will last a lifetime. It is my honor and privilege to be part of the beginning facet of your journey.

As an engaged couple, when you contact me, I immediately let you know that whatever type of wedding ceremony you envision, together we can create it.  It is a very collaborative process.  My motto is "It's your wedding day--everything is your way!" 

It is also important for me to get to know you so that the ceremony reflects the warmth of our friendship. I am also a writer so my ceremonies are always unique and personal for each couple.  I even custom create poetry choices and readings that have been written especially for you!  My wedding ceremonies are never cookie-cutter or pre-written.

If it is your wish, it is my pleasure to design a ceremony that includes your parents with special readings, a beautiful rose ceremony or even participation in the unity candle-lighting or sand unity portion of the service.

If there are children brought into the marriage, and it is your wish, I can create a special portion of the ceremony where you address the children, vowing that you will be one loving family, and your home will always be a safe haven for them.

After meeting with you and getting to know you, we work together to create the perfect ceremony.  I then custom create and send you different wedding ceremony choices, and you make the final decision,  so that it is exactly what you have always envisioned it to be...and more!

My Vow To You
I promise that your ceremony will be lovely, memorable, heart-warming and uniquely yours!



A photo of one of my original wedding poems that I wrote for one very happy couple
photo courtesy of Jenerations Photography







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Winner of The Bride's Choice Awards  
The Bride's Choice Awards recognizes vendors that demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the company, the Bride's Choice Awards are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds (brides and grooms) through surveys and reviews. Our winning vendors have set the bar high for this competition, demonstrating excellent service and expertise in their industry.

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Wedding Ceremonies 

Interfaith  Wedding Ceremony

You may be like many engaged couples who contact me, and are of different religions and backgrounds. You may feel that the only way to have a wedding that brings harmony to you and your family,  is to forget your backgrounds and religions and just have a civil ceremony.  That is not true.  I will create a lovely ceremony that is both spiritual and unique.   By getting to know you, I design a beautiful ceremony that incorporates your religions and traditions. It is very important to me that I create each ceremony to beautifully and respectfully blend facets of  your two backgrounds together into one unique spiritual ceremony.  The ceremonies that I create will bring relief and joy to you and bring the two families closer together, making for a heartfelt, beautiful and unforgettable exchanging of vows.

Traditional/Religious  Wedding Ceremony
If you are an engaged couple who want a traditional religious weddings, but may have been married before or choose not to have the ceremony performed in church or synagogue. I will work with you to bring to your wedding ceremony many aspects and blessings that are in a traditionally religious wedding. The ceremony is always unique, authentic and moving.

Spiritual/Non-Denominational Ceremony
You may be spiritual but  but do not necessarily follow one religion.  Again I get to know you and your belief system and create a beautiful spiritual ceremony that reflects your spirituality and love for one another.

Same-Sex Ceremony
Rev Alison has been performing Sss ceremonies for the last 10 years. Her parents were the only ministers to perform ss ceremonies in The Stonewall era and beyond.

Civil  Wedding Ceremony
You may want a civil ceremony. a ceremony with no spirtual aspects,  and feel that the only way to have one is by getting married in City Hall. Which many couples find to be a very impersonal and cold few minute ceremony.  If you are a couple seeking a civil ceremony,  I also work closely with you to create a beautiful ceremony with poems and readings that reflects the love that you share for one another.

 Commitment Ceremony

If you are a couple seeking a commitment ceremony,  the process is the same as all wedding ceremonies.  After getting to know the type of ceremony you desire, we work together to design it.  Theses ceremonies are always lovely, joyful and heartfelt.

Renewal Of Vows Ceremony
To mark a special benchmark or anniversary in a marriage, you may want to renew your  vows as a married couple. I work with you to create a beautiful and heartwarming ceremony.  If there is a desire to include your children (and grandchildren) into the ceremony, then I design a ceremony that is lovingly inclusive. 







 Contact Information:

(631) 786-9630













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